12–Episode Online TV Series | 30 minutes

Director, Writer, Producer


Set in the future where VR eSports has become a reality, a headstrong college freshman at the highly competitive eSports Academy assembles an unlikely team of outcasts to take on the Academy’s elite Team 1 in the school’s annual campus championship.

In the spring of 2016, I was invited by my long time collaborators Tom Sun and Daniel Liu to join their team in Beijing creating an action/sci-fi television series based on our experiences playing games like DOTA2, Overwatch, and Team Fortress 2. 

The 12-episode season, premiered on Tencent Video in December 2016 and drew 400 million views during its run.

Gamer's Generation was made possible through extensive collaboration between our Chinese-based production company Pandatron and a United States based production effort contributing Editorial, Visual Effects Design (Asteroid Hues), Original Music (, Color Correction (PostProGumbo, Senior Post), and Postproduction Sound (Eight Player Pictures, Alchemy Post Sound).

Over the course of production, I directed four of the season's episodes:

Episode 2 – 天梯  "The Ladder"

Episode 5 – 五缺一  "Five Minus One"

Episode 7 – 暴走鲤鱼  "Berserk Karps"

Episode 11 – 风暴之心  "Heart of the Storm"

Here are couple of my favorite clips from my episodes, check them out!